If you haven't seen an NFL mock draft in the past few weeks, then your life has been void of news media (when did Mel Kiper turn into Tom Cruise in Minority Report?!). Every dude with access to Google and the "Ctrl", "C", and "V" keys on his keyboard can pretend to be an expert and post a mock draft.

While we have some serious football fans at The Ferm, we have no interest in joining the NFL mock draft industry. Instead, we are going to do our own spin on the mock draft and hold an anything drinking-related draft.

Ever wanted to hold the rights to a brew kettle, the wine cork, or beechwood aging? Your board of prospects could be nearly endless.

Below are some ground rules:

  • The draft will be three rounds (format is top to bottom, top to bottom -- not snake).
  • You can draft anything drinking related, regardless how obvious or obscure.
  • Anything you draft will be off the board for the following 2 drafts (assuming we keep this up in the future).
  • The draft order will be determined at random at a future date.
At the moment, we have six members of The Ferm. I am willing to open up at least another six spots for guest picks. The first six guests to leave a comment on this post will claim a spot. We may add a few more spots before the draft date, but we'll see how it goes. Picks will be made via email or twitter. I'll send the plan to the participants before the draft.

In the interim, firm up your draft boards by bringing some things for private workouts. I've shuffled my board several times already. Some things that I thought were high prospects lost their 1st round grade after the workout.

If you have an question or suggestion, leave it in the comment section.

Disclaimer: I'm afriad can't take total credit for this idea. I totally ripped it from 1560 The Game's genius spur of the moment Seinfeldian mock draft held last year. *sigh* I should also mention that The Ferm's version wasn't my idea either... that is credited to TwoPints. Well done guys... I owe you a beer.