Free Beer

Posted by J.R. Ewing | Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I think I can safely say that there is little better in life than free beer. Of all things, it might be less difficult to find than free food. Or free clothes. Or free shelter. Or even a free hug.

Now there are times hidden costs for each, but those costs are usually what we call "sunk cost". And I'm not talking about your good buddy picking up a round, I mean beer offered with no strings attached (or sunk cost done left the barn).


Tomorrow afternoon my contract will be providing free beer at a park-pavilion near to our office. The cost is something like 40 hours of my time every week...but that was already spent and I've been compensated. Similar gig next week, this time my company and all free beer comes with free crawfish.

Speaking of, Friday I will be going to a crawfish party at a friends house. Cost to them, not to me.

This past Monday, I was able to turn in a worthless Astros ticket stub at The Stag's Head for...a free pint. Sure, the ticket ran $45, but that was already spent on watching Roy O serve up gopher balls.

Same day, before the game, relatively attractive girls were passing out samples of Singha beer. Now they were shots, but I take my free beer when offered, thankyouverymuch. Indeed I did drop another $3 on a Singha shortly was the best deal going even if the longneck was short of 12 oz.

Two Saturday's ago, I ran an 8K race in downtown Houston. Cost me $18 to sign up (which I was going to do anyway), but all the Heinie I could drink afterward (which was enough that the guy behind the table noticed when I got my fourth...noteworthy as it was about 49 degrees and 9 a.m.).

Some international airlines still offer free booze on transatlantic flights. Last taken advantage of by J.R. here about 4 years ago. But it was free flowing, they even came around with Bailey's/Cognac after each meal. Cost of flight was absorbed by my company.

And of course most beer-loving Houstonians know that St. Arnold Brewery offers free beer at the tour costs $5 UNLESS you bring in 10 formerly purchased six pack holders of St. Arnold. Again, that has already been purchased and drank, so free for the average beer lover (and you get a mini-taste glass for the $5).

Beer always tastes a bit better and colder when no payment is required

  1. SirRon April 8, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

    Nice take on free beer. There is something magical about a free public beer (I'm thinking that the free beer experience shared with one's self wouldn't conjure the same emotional high).

    Regarding the St. Arnold "tour," there is just something about the fact it *used* to be free that spoils the new format. They stated crowd control as the primary reason for the change, but I can't help but feeling there is a significant financial angle as well.

    I've visited a lot of breweries across the US... those that share their product for free truly "get it," IMHO.

    Here is a shameless plug for Independence Brewing ( in Austin. The entertainment value is equal to or better than that of St. Arnold. Amy and Rob (brewery owners and brewers) are accessible and knowledgeable. Oh yeah, and the beer is free.

  2. K Dub April 13, 2009 at 10:08 PM  

    I tend to agree, I realize that St. A's has to go some crowd control, but the fee to get in sucks. And since they've initiated this policy, I've been maybe twice. And I've tried to get Brock for a quick chat and boths times was quickly dismissed. I know he's busy running a tasting, but seriously.

    Independence's scene is strong to very strong, and yes, Rob and Amy were seen showing several different people around their brewery.

    Free beer good, un-free beer bad.

  3. SirRon April 19, 2009 at 12:58 PM  

    I got a free beer last night for wearing a 1560 The Game shirt. I don't think that chick drank out of it before appreciating the shirt.

  4. Anonymous September 4, 2009 at 12:13 AM  

    Ewing's virgin post
    kiks arse like a free beer.
    Love Independence.

    Mr. Smokeypants