We have been thinking. Who are we?

We opened an Independence Brewing Co. Pale Ale for this post. Our significant other has been putting up with this social media obsession for nearly a year now. We don’t exactly review beers, wines, or spirits. We don’t announce local events. We don’t really have a collective finger on the pulse of our neighborhood. We have never received free drinking related swag, but we have eaten a lot of free kolaches. We don’t consider ourselves the press. We certainly aren’t the man. We do rep Houston’s inner and outer loop, the Clear Lake area, The Woodlands, the Dallas Metroplex, and even Hoboken, NJ and New York City.

Sometimes we write slow, sometimes we write quick (and this post should live somewhere near the latter, we think). We don’t see anything wrong with grammatical errors as long as it stays nice and smooth. We just wanted to see if we could say we more than three times in one sentence, and we could. We prefer being active to passive.

We want you to know that pepper beer is a niche style and mostly gross. For that matter, beers made with herbs and flowers (Category 21A beer, as we know them) are adult beverage rejects too. Do we think that there are no decent beers of these types? No we do not. Do we wish they didn’t exist? No we do not. Do we think you can name a bunch of obscure beers, homebrews, or something made by Stone or Dogfish Head that to try to prove we are wrong? We will not be taking any more questions.

We love beer, but sometimes we open up a bottle of wine that reminds us that there are some wines that exceed beer’s ceiling of enjoyment, like that bottle of 2005 Havens Reserve Carneros Merlot we opened last week (OOG!). We can accept this fact. However, we can’t agree on the best way to enjoy whiskey or bourbon, or even which whiskey or bourbon we should keep in the liquor cabinet. We think Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey poured over ice with a healthy splash of unrefrigerated Coca-Cola is the bees knees. On the other hand, we would also counter that Booker's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Ginger Ale is the be-all and the end-all.

We find it incredible. We do not have the voice of a village, but we have our own deluxe apartment/Blogger-powered-website in the sky/Internet. We get visits from unfamiliar friends by the handfuls every day. We are but a squirrel hiding little nuts in this tiny space we are renting. This is how we roll. That is how we do.