Eating Our Bird

Posted by SirRon | Friday, June 11, 2010

We've been listening to our readers' Google searches, and when you surf, we are trolling for the details. Based on our study, we have decided to add a new focus to our mixed bag of drinking posts about nothing.

Beer reviews! Nah, just kidding. Seriously guys, please use Beer Advocate and Rate Beer for beer reviews (or ask you IRL friends... friends are good too). However, if you want to know who we would try to be if we could muster up the drive and discipline to write beer reviews on this blog, check out our friends at Dos Beerigos. They are good people whose beer reviews don't read like a movie review where the person only summarized the plot.

In an effort to keep our collective finger on the pulse of the blog reading public, we have actively pursued the idea of including food as a topic here at The Ferm. The food blog business has been around since Jane Websurfer found free online blogging sites (I saw Julie & Julia), but it really seems like the industry is exploding now. In our opinion, the best part about the food blogs is that in aggregate, the big winner are you guys that like to tinker in the kitchen or unknown eateries that rely on word of mouth for advertising. Drinking a particular adult beverage, on the other hand, is somewhat of a subjective experience. The consumer can't tinker with the preparation of that beverage (mixologists excluded) or choose from a menu of items that fit his preference. In fact, government regulations keep the majority of the beverages you read about off the shelves of your favorite grocery or liquor emporium.

After an admittedly uninspired search for a quality food blogger, we have recently extended an invitation to an individual. He has very little blogging experience, much less food blogging experience, but I believe in the American dream y'all. I believe in the little guy. I believe that in this World you should take every opportunity to stick it to The Man (within reason obviously… I have kids and Daddy doesn't want to do any jail time). Plus, I can always reset his password.

Please welcome to The Ferm: Vaughn Shehorn Gregg

Funny name... Funny dude. It is my understanding that his first offering is already in the works. If his posts are anything like his emails, you guys are in for the treat. His sense of humor is on another level… like sometimes I didn't even know what he was saying.

We. can't. wait.

  1. K Dub June 14, 2010 at 7:22 PM  

    In the spirit of food, I had a terrifically awesome cheeseburger last night with mushrooms/onions/pickled jalapenos and a fried egg a la Beaver's Houston.

  2. SirRon June 14, 2010 at 10:35 PM  

    @K Dub - have you tried that burger arrangement at Smashburger? My guess is Vaughn S Gregg approves of Smashburger.

    RE: Beavers. Chef Jonathan Jones is my idol.