That is me, fervently pulling levers, turning wheels,
flicking switches, and pushing buttons.

One of the men behind one of the curtains.
Readers, today I am going to let you in on a little secret. I've been leading multiple online lives. Is it misleading? Maybe. Is it a little creepy? Probably. Do I like asking softball questions to myself and then answering them in non-absolutes? Perhaps.

I absolutely believe that you can't have too many Blogger identities and Twitter handles. You probably aren't aware, but I have another thing going on that I want to come clean about today. 

I run a football pick'em league.

Football season is unquestionably the best time of the year. That means that you can't question it. But if I was forced to prove it, I would ask you to accept my invitation to join my pick'em league. This is no creative writing project. This is real. I've been doing this for a decade.

What it is:
  1. NCAA Pick'em Contest – 15 games each week, picks are against the spread, ~14 weeks
  2. NFL Pick'em Contest – All the NFL games each week (typically 14-16), picks are straight up, ~17 weeks
  3. NCAA Bowl Challenge – Confidence pool style NCAA bowl game
  4. NFL Playoff Challenge – Vegas style weekly wagers against the spread
The first two contests are good for about 18 weeks of game picking enjoyment. After that, you'll get an exciting few months of excitingly different post-season excitement for the low, low price of…

But wait, there is more.
This is not your typical stuffy office league or impersonal big box online league. I make this stuff up as I go along. Each week will feature bonus opportunities, casual blog posts, smack talk, incomplete sentences.

Still on the fence?
I just checked this year's Official Registration Form responses… and a baby is playing this year. That's right, a baby! I might also mention to you that one year the NCAA contest was won by a girl who didn't know she was picking the games against the spread, but that may make us all look like we aren't very good, and Crystal may take offense that I called her a girl and not a chica, or that I used her name… but whatever.

The cost is $25. I'm not a mathematician, and I don't feel like busting out a calculator, but that is probably somewhere around a dollar a week. I'm just saying that you can probably fish a buck a week out of a fountain somewhere or swipe it off of a Buddha at a Thai restaurant if you are really hard up. What I'm trying to tell you is that this Pick'em game is a bargain. 

So here is my promise to you:
I guarantee to deliver the most bestest football picking game kissed with randomness and sometimes on the spot rule changes than you will find anywhere on the internets. This is like the Waffle House of football pick'em games.

My guess is that if you haven't already clicked over to the Official Registration Form, you are racing around your screen with your mouse trying to find that link after reading the words "Waffle House." Let's hope that recruitment tactic is more effective than my explanation of pyramid schemes I sent out last year. 

This promotion is now over, but I encourage you to check out the official recruitment blog post over at the league's website: If you are ready to give meaning to each of your weekends this football season, summon up the courage to fill out the Official Registration Form. I promise this game will make watching football a whole lot more interesting. Guaranteed or my money back.

UPDATE: Hop right into the game by filling out the making your Week 1 picks and leaving your name and email in the form.