Texas A&M: Give UT My Notice

Posted by SirRon | Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tonight I was feeling fine, sipping some purple wine, and thought I'd opine, about the ags on here. Gig.

"Give UT My Notice"
(Parody of Give Judy My Notice by Ben Folds)

Why won't you respect the honor we swore?
We love/hate you
You don't care do you?
But UT
We can't stay your little bro
Not with our ego
So we gots to go

And we regard you as our rival, dear
And you don't even notice that we're here

Give UT my notice

I know we always called you tu (ha ha ha)
It's funny (whoop!), and you get grumpy
But UT
We ain't gon' be y'all b!tch anymore
Our daddy ain't Dodds
So we out the door

SEC grass is just so much greener
So we'll suck like a vacuum cleaner

Give UT my notice
Give UT my notice

UT, mug down with us one last time
They've passed back the command
Not that you'd understand
I think we have had a darn good fling
And now just one more thing

Horns down
We're going to keep that around
Because it's just part of us
We Aggies can obsess

And we're not running 'cause of your network
And we are running 'cause of your network

Give UT my notice
Give UT my notice
Give UT my notice
Give UT my notice
My notice

  1. *^_^* August 31, 2011 at 12:24 AM  

    Wonderful! Awesome!

  2. SirRon September 1, 2011 at 9:36 AM  

    If only Chank was still around on Houston radio to record something like this. RIP Chank.